Why choose an ACRB member facility?


The Automotive Customer Relations Bureau is an independent organization that works closely with all member shops to enhance the collision repair experience for you, the customer, through proven Performance Measurement Systems. ACRB facilities voluntarily subscribe to the advanced services of the Bureau.

The Bureau functions as a consumer watchdog entity. We offer expert advice on how to be a smart consumer in today's fast-paced, ever-changing collision repair marketplace.

Member collision repair facilities consistently deliver a superior repair experience. All members stand behind their work.


All ACRB shops offer a lifetime "National" warranty standing behind their repair workmanship no matter what state you are in.



ACRB shops are committed to improving processes and delivering consistently superior performance, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.



ACRB shops are measured based on customer satisfaction and quality of work using feedback from consumers like you. Our 29 question satisfaction survey provides you, the consumer, with the added confidence that you have made a good decision.

All Members are measured on:

  • How each repair customer is served
  • Incidence of problem and/or issues
  • Ability to deal with problem issues effectively
  • Quality and promptness of follow-up process

Other Criteria Measured Includes:

  • Workmanship of repair
  • Level of communication
  • Attitude and courtesy towards customers
  • Warranty and repair explanation
  • Overall repair experience
  • And many more…
What can you expect from an ACRB member facility?

A commitment to you, the customer.